The law firm Drachmann (Advokatfirmaet Drachmann) situated in the heart of the Danish part of the Fehmarnbelt Region is a full-service law firm which offers top-level legal counselling within the most essential business spheres. 

We counsel on every level - covering from a good advice and legal sparring to complete case work and representation in connection to lawsuits.   

Among other things we counsel our international clients on:

  • Employment law.
  • Trade practice with Danish companies, hereunder formation of contracts.
  • Construction and building law.
  • Real estate, hereunder buying and selling real estate in Denmark.
  • Purchase of companies in Denmark.
  • Company law, hereunder foundation and management of companies.
  • Rent law.
  • Debt collection and enforcement of court orders.
  • Representation in negotiations, lawsuits and arbitration proceedings.

For further information please contact:

Morten Jensen

Morten Ammentorp